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The Visible Client Journey

The Visible Client Journey is the process we use to make sure your content compels people to contact you, invites them to become a client, and eventually turns them into a cheerleader for you... CLICK TO READ MORE

FOCUS on your Visibility

From the aggregators that lead to your search results to your google my business page to social me CLICK TO READ MORE...

FOCUS on your List

The lifeblood of any organization is their list of prospects and clients.  Do you have the ability to gen  CLICK TO READ MORE...

FOCUS on your Content Calendar

Do you have a plan to get the content you have out to the world?  Does it make sense?  Does it  CLICK TO READ MORE...

Focus on your Content Creation

Do you have a list of content you already have?  Do you know the content you need to create?  Video? Audio? Text?  CLICK TO READ MORE...

FOCUS on your Content Delivery

Do you have a following on a social media?  Do you have lots of e-mail addresses?  Do you know the b  CLICK TO READ MORE...

Are you visible to your prospects?

Check out this tool to see how visible you are...


Check what our clients say about us

For me, replicating myself was necessary to get all of the safety training done.  The videos they made really made that possible!!

Mike Graver

Allegion Steelcraft

As a realtor, I really love educating prospects and clients.  The videos we made with Fresh Focus really helped me get my name out there and educate my valuable clients.

Mike Weghorst

Move To West Chester/Liberty

Reach out to Fresh Focus Marketing.  They have been a huge help to our church, and done professional videos, they're great guys to work with...

Phil Keller

Central Baptist church

We’d love to talk about what matters to you.