The Visible Client Journey

The Visible Client Journey was designed to make sure there is a clear path for a person to consume your content which will compel them to contact you to become a client and ultimately a cheerleader who has to tell others about their experience with your business!

The Visible Client Journey has 5 major focuses.

  1. Focus on your Visibility
  2. Focus on your List
  3. Focus on your Content Calendar
  4. Focus on your Content Creation
  5. Focus on your Content Delivery

Now there is much detail that goes into each of these focuses, but in this video I’ll just briefly touch on each one.  

  1. Focus on your Visibility - Can people find you online?  From the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) citations that search engines use to find you, to your google my business listing, to your facebook, youtube, instagram, or any other place people look for businesses like yours - ARE YOU VISIBLE?  
  1. Focus on your List - do you have a list of people who have showed interest in your product and service, but not purchased?  Do you have a list of current clients?  How about past clients?  Your list is the Lifeblood of your business… 
  2. Focus on your Content Calendar - Do you have an intentional plan on how to distribute content over the next week? Month? Quarter?  A way to make sure prospects and clients get the best information you have to offer them?
  3. Focus on your Content Creation - Audio, Text, Infographics, Pictures, Video - there are a lot of different ways to create content.  And there are people out there that prefer to consume content in each of those ways.  So, make sure you cre creating each piece of content in each method
  4. Focus on the Content Delivery - Do you already have a presence on a particular social media outlet?  Do you have a big list you haven’t marketed to in a while or ever?  Do you know the best way to deliver the content you have created?

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Thanks and I’ll see you on the next one...