Focus on your Content Creation

Insert Video

Content creation is one of the most important parts of the Visible Client Journey.  Everyone prefers to consume content in a certain way - It might be audio, text, photos, infographics, video… 

There are lots of ways to create.  Within every category are other categories, Memes - short videos - long form videos - plain text - decorative text - podcasts - voice notes - and we could go on for days…

That is why you should be taking every one of your pieces of contents and putting into the different types of content. So, if you create one video, you can take that video, strip the audio to make a podcast, transcribe the text for a blog post, etc.

And trust me, you’ll get tired of your content before those consuming will - in fact there’s a pretty good chance they won’t even see it the first time it is published. So keep sharing and don't worry about over-educating (that doesn't really ever happen).

But like the other focuses we’ve discussed - the key is to create a plan - and make it happen!