Components of a “Good Review”

November 12  

Google Business Profile Review

Google Business Profile is a great place for your review to be seen…

All reviews are not created equal. It can be difficult for a person to write a review for many reasons. The biggest thing that holds people back is that they don’t know what to say…

Today I want to help you know what to say because Google reviews are so important this day and age for being found on the internet.  

When that comes up feel free to give me, hopefully 5 starts, and share a little about our realty experience together.

I know what you’re thinking, what do I even put in a review!?!  Well, the guidelines I use are:

1. Be Respectful – This one can be tough if you had a bad experience, but if you just ‘attack’ people will view you as less credible. Be honest for sure, but make sure you’re always respectful.

2. Be specific – Pick one aspect of your experience and tell about how it made you feel or how it helped you.

3. Be personal – Nothing you say in a review is wrong.  Tell what you would want to know about me, if you hadn’t worked with me yet!  

BONUS: Write as little or as much as it takes. You don’t need to write a book, but say enough to help the reader make their decision on the product/service you are reviewing.

Sign into your google account and click this link: WRITE A REVIEW ON Fresh Focus Marketing’s GOOGLE MY BUSINESS

Thank you in advance.  If I can help you, please let me know!  I appreciate you, have a great day!!

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