3 Reasons You’re NOT Creating


September 15  

We all know we need to make content.  We know we need to make videos.  We know people are watching more video than ever on youtube, facebook, instagram, and whatever other social medias we have these days...

But something seems to hold us back.

Here are a few reasons you might NOT be doing what you know you SHOULD be doing.

1.  You don’t believe in your product/service.  If this is you, leave your business.  Get out.  Jobs are easy to find right now...

2.  Imposter Syndrome. You believe you’re a fraud.  You think that any good you have done was by luck or an accident.  Truth be told, lots of successful people battle imposter syndrome.

I have a secret for you, "It's Not True !"

You work hard to have the knowledge you have.  You've spent countless hours accumulating the information in that head of yours.  

Don't forget: Your message is important to those who need it!  The problem your product/service fixes or the pleasure your product/service brings to people is worth it!!  

3.  The Curse of Knowledge.  You think that if you know it, everyone must know it.  That's just not true either.  Don't take the accumulation of your life experience for granted.

An expert just knows more than the person they are talking to.  

Even if your knowledge is 'common' - Success is doing uncommon things with common knowledge.

Fact: You will get tired of your own message faster than everyone else will.  You sound like a broken record to yourself, but just because you get tired of saying it - Your target market wants to and needs to hear it!

Some bonus reasons:

You can’t make the quality you desire.  WRONG....  You can do more with your cell phone than people just a few years ago needed tens of thousands of dollars to do.

You don’t have time.  Wrong.... You have time you need for the things you really want to do.

You don’t need more clients.  If this one is true, Congratulations...

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