Video Types Your Business Needs


February 1  

Here is a list of 14 Videos every business needs in their ‘arsenal’. These videos should be used in social media posts, paid advertising, correspondence with prospects/clients, websites and anywhere else your message needs to be heard!

1. The ‘Focused Intro’ Video

Explain your products/services and the results your client will have once they have experienced your product or service.


This is the process video explaining how your product/service actually works, the results clients see, and most importantly conveys the feeling your client gets from using your product/service.

3. The ‘CUT ABOVE’ Video

 Speaking directly to one target market at a time, this video should explain what your product/service does that others who perform similar services don’t do.  You can’t say, we do EVERYTHING better!  Pick one thing you pride yourself on being the best at.

4. The ‘TESTIFY!’ Video

Have a client record or read a client testimonial about a specific feeling they received after experiencing your product/service.

5. The ‘FAQs Answered’ Video

The questions you get tired of answering. You know the prospect is thinking it, give them knowledge before they even get to the personal interactions with your product/service.

6. The “Is that skeleton dancing?” Video

Every product/service has a sensitive topic in it. Something nobody really likes talking about. The skeleton in the closet. Announce it, and explain why you already have it figured out.

7. The “Where do I start?” Video

What is the best way for a prospect to become a client? Or get more info? Phone? Website? In person? This is a good video for an outro.

8. The “Is it worth it?!” Video

What is the difference between value and price? If you aren’t the cheapest (and by the way, YOU SHOULDN’T BE) what do you do that similar companies don’t do.

9. The “In The Beginning…” Video

What led you to choose the career path you chose?  What was the pain you felt or the pleasure you were seeking that led you down the path you chose?

10. The “Tips, Tricks, & Hacks” Video

You are the expert because you have more experience than those who are seeking your product and service. What do you know that you might take for granted – that others would LOVE to know?

11. My WORD Video “This will happen or else…” Video

What guarantees can you offer to those chosen few who experience your product and service? What will they get if they buy from you, with NO DOUBT?

12. The “I NEED YOUR HELP!!” Video

People want to feel good about themselves. If you ask someone for their help and they are able to help, they feel better than if you did a favor for them. So make your ask manageable. Don’t ask them to buy your most expensive product. Ask clients for a review on Facebook or google.

13. The “Golden Ticket’ Video

In Willy Wonka the golden ticket read: “In your wildest dreams you can not imagine the marvelous surprises that await you!”  The golden ticket gave the holder the opportunity to take a private tour of the chocolate factory.  People were willing to steal, cheat, and cause bodily harm in order to get their ticket!  What is the offer you have that will convert your audience to your clients?

14. The “Debunk an Industry Myth” Video

A myth is a widely held but false belief or idea.  Every industry has them, and maybe there was truth in them at some point – but not anymore.  Get the TRUTH out there!

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