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If your business is NOT visible online, you will not be all you can be.  No matter if your goal is to help others through non- profits or WORLD DOMINATION by making ALL the money, people need to find you online.

TRUE - There are a lot of different ways to be found online: Search Engine Optimization, Creating Citations, Going "Viral", being on ALL the social media platforms, having a great website, and we could go on & on...

But one of the easiest places to start is with you Google Business Profile (GBP).  Have you ever heard of google before?  I know you don't live under a rock, so you probably use google drive, google maps, google docs, google search, google earth, gmail, & YouTube...

Would it surprise you that the LARGEST search engine in the world wants your business to be listed on their map?

It definitely shouldn't...

What is a Google Business Profile?

Basically, it is the tool you need to use to manage your businesses online presence across the google platforms including google maps & search.  A claimed, verified, & optimized GBP will make sure you show up on the map.  

It will also help you show up when your business meets a searcher's term on google's homepage.

What do You do when you wan to know about a business??

If you're anything like me, you go to google and type in the business name into the search field.  What comes up?

  • A Claimed Google Business Profile. HOPEFULLY!
  • A Verified Google Business Profile.  HOPEFULLY!
  • A Optimized Google Business Profile.  HOPEFULLY!
  • GOOD Customer Reviews HOPEFULLY!
  • Business Details (hours of operation, products/services, etc.) HOPEFULLY!

If the list above doesn't come up for your business... You need this GUIDE!

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The difference between someone buying from you and thinking your business is the WORST place ever can be decided in just a few minutes in the top of a google search result...

Still NOT sure??

If your GBP isn't Claimed:

Anyone (yes, anyone) can suggest edits to your GBP.  If this person is helpful, AWESOME ---  but --- if this is an EVIL person, mistaken person, or a competitor the info they provide could BE HORRIBLE!!!

If your GBP isn't Verified:

You Won't show up on google maps...  Google has to be able to trust you before they'll list you!

If your GBP isn't Optimized:

Your prospects & clients won't know everything they need to know about you... For Example: What does your building looks like? Are you open on Veteran's Day? What time do you open?

You Only Get 1 SHOT to Make a First Impression

If a prospect finds your GBP and there are no pictures, reviews, replies to reviews, an address they don't know is real, no hours of operation, no list of products/services, no business attributes... You might as well send them to your competition.

In our GBP Checklist, you will discover:

  • What a Google Business Profile is
  • How to Create your Google Business Profile
  • How to Claim your Google Business Profile
  • How to Verify your Google Business Profile
  • How to Optimize your Google Business Profile
  • Some tips on 'Irregular' addresses
  • Best Practices
  • Limits on Video
  • What Business Attributes are
  • How often you should update your profile
  • What photos google and prospects want to see on your Google Business Profile
  • Maintenance items that need addressed
  • and more...

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